Enjoy a list of well-known code snippets for your imvu profile page.

imvubox is not affiliated or endorsed by imvu. Furthermore, it is not responsible for any damage a snippet can cause to the layout of your website. If you are unsure what you do then better leave or get in touch with HTML, CSS, JavaScript first. A good start for this would be a tutorial, webvideo or a friend.

Hide the See My Albums Link

This snippet hides the "See My Albums"-Link within your aboutme-panel. Place anywhere in HTML-Box of any visible panel.

scroll box

You can change the font, size, width, and height.

Make your whole page Italic!

Makes your whole page italic ~

Use Monospace font for HTML/CSS editing

The font that IMVU chose for editing HTML codes is really annoying. It's hard to tell zeros and O's apart. The letters are too darn close. There is...


A line goes through the text. change 'example'.

Custom Confirm Box for Link Redirection

This script creates a confim box. But in addition the code will redirect the page to a given Website when clicked on the left button (OK). And t...

Deny Badge Auto-Grant with Redirect

OK, let's say you plunked down 100K credits on a badge, and you find it isn't helping sales, really? What is an avatar to do? All the leeches wan...

Bigger Wishlist Pictures

This will make the pictures of items on your wishlist bigger, to their normal size in the catalog, 100x80.

Change Any Panel Title

This code uses jQuery and JavaScript to change any panel title on your page. It works in all browsers and because jQuery is hosted on Google, it i...

Hover Link Background Change

This changes the background of any link when hovering it. Plus making ur Cursor looking like a Cross.

Center panel

Questo centri un unico pannello.

Welcome Popup with Avatarname

This will shows every visitor a welcome greeting in a popup message.

iFrame with Buttons

This is to make a more complicated iFrame. This has a main Frame, and then you can have buttons to lead to different pages. Awesome for customizing...

Hide Albums from Music Panel

This codes hides all music stuff from your music panel e.g. if you want to use the panel for another purpose.

Background Rain Loop

This code will make your background rain that loops forever.

Polaroid Picture Effect for your Special Someone

This code will make your Special Someone picture just like Polaroid Photo. Ps: This code only work for modern Browser such as Firefox, Safari, C...

Remove Avatar names from Buddies panel

This code removes the avatarname from the buddies panel but keep the avatar pictures. This code only works on bling/badge enabled pages.

Scrolling Content from right to left

This will create a scrolling content (text or pictures) that moves from right to left.

Fake Message Box (MSN Like!)

Check the preview and wait 5 seconds if you want to test this code. It will show a msn-like notify-box in the very right bottom of the browser (scr...

Down Menu bar for any page or products

now u can make menu down with this code u can add ur link & choice the name of this link to show in this menu down bar u can add more then one l...

banner code

this code will allow u to make a banner for u procucts just take out when it says imvu shop and add ur link to ur prodcuts there and change the im...

Removes View-My-Pictures and Developer-Reports

This will remove the (sometimes) annyoing "View my Pictures" and "Developer Reports" Links from the Aboutme Panel. You can place this code whereeve...

Hide Badges from Messages Panel (under Avatar picture)

This will hide all badges (like the tiny VIP/AP/AgeVerified logo) within the messages panel. (This is not about the badges besides the avatar pictu...

Change Special Someone picture

This code allows you to change the picture of your current special someone. Just replace PICTURELINK with the new picture.

Custom IMVU Alert Message Box

You can define an IMVU Alert Box. Check out the example, it will be loaded on page load but if you have the knowledge you can use it for other purp...

How to add a YouTube video that is set to Auto play, on your homepage. (Updated.)

The first step is to make sure you have your 'My Videos' panel enabled onto your homepage. To do that just click 'Account' located at the top right...

Center Slideshow in Panel

This allows you to center the slideshow box inside the slideshow panel.

Require valid login for visit

This will automatically lead to IMVU's login page (and directly back to your avatar page) when the visitor is not logged in. If this causes any tro...

Remove heading from buddies panel

This code will remove the title area (header) from the buddy panel. Nothing else.

Make All Texts Bold

This will make any texts on your page looking bold written. Can be put anywhere!

Slider catalog banner for product

make ur catalog banner with show ur image of ur product + price & when u click on it going to the product page this code very good just for creators

Invisible Selection Style

This codes makes the selection state (when a user tries to copy something of your code) invisible. Actually the selection is still possible but wil...

Add song to your page - Shows no musicplayer / Video

Just replace the '' LINK GOES HERE '' Look for a song on youtube and copy the OBJECT HTML Link (NOT THE URL) Then copy the link that is in the ...

Change Link Colors

This code allows you to change all link-colors. Adjust the colors in the bottom part and copy the code. This code overwrites any other codes you pu...

Page background

This is a piece of CSS that allows you to put in your own background, it works on any website. Don't forget to put in your own picture. Attachment ...

Blog Style Change

This code allows to customize the blog panel style. When not using the customize link this code will do the following: change the font size to a 12...

Hide triggers, dj codes for chat

This is a list of special Codes, character and easy to remember codes for DJ's who are sick of being flagged, hated on for spam, and have been give...

Make panel wider

This makes a single panel wider.

About me Details centered

This will center your about me details and avatar picture (first avatar picture, then details). ## updated: works now on bling activated pages ##

Layout blue with dark borders

It can modifided by, windows paint, size regualtions, color (but only in paint when you color it lol, uh sorry if that wasn't funny though really s...

Hide Avipic from Messages Panel

This will hide all avatar pictures within the messages panel.

Invisible Music Player

Play music on your homepage without the need of a player or long codes. The very first thing you have to do is to upload your music file to a o...

Hide badges from Visitors panel

This code will hide the badges besides the avatar pictures but only those displayed in the visitors panel!

Colored text

This colors your text. Just change the text and the hex color if necessary.

All Centered

Works on all pages with or without a code for layouts. It even centers your pictures, icons, videos, etc.

Free background.

You're need to put this code on your IMVU Homepage. INSTRUCTIONS: 1)Go to your IMVU Homepage. 2)Click on 'Edit' in the top right on About Me pan...

Border around page

Adds a thick border around your page. In this case its purple. But you can change the hex value. This can be placed anywhere.

Page Background Slideshow

This script allows you to change the page background periodically, like a slideshow. I won't get into the details of how it works, but I'll show y...

Badge Auto-grant -> Catalog Page View

Giving away badges is great, but are they helping direct traffic to your catalog page? If not, try this code. Whenever someone auto-grants him/her...

Remove small gap between aboutme panel title and body

Removes the small gap between the title and body in the aboutme panel.

Dynamic Object Link

This allows you to make a link at the given location (where you actually put this snippet). When you click the link the link disappears itself and ...

Block not logged in users from accessing the page

This is a workaround to check whether a visitor is logged in or not. It should work with the old imvu system as well the new one where certain rest...

Center Top Links

This allows to center the top links of your page. Please note that you will not see the links yourself when editing your page. They are only visibl...

Tip: Use free Google Fonts on your page

Using typography on the web can be dodgy. Some fonts are pervasive, such as Arial, Courier New, Verdana, Georgia, and Times New Roman. More specia...

Center Panels

Centers panels without making them wider. Can be placed anywhere. This code may get several updates in the meantime due changes regarding new panels.

Bigger AviPic *revised*

Makes your own avatar picture bigger. Adjust the number to fit your needs. Just change the number on the very left (currently saying 320px). Dont l...

Center text

This will allow you to add centered text to your page.

Special Someones Panel Scrollable

This makes the special someones panel scrollable.

Remove bottom advertisements

This will remove the bottom advertisement banner from your page. When you bought your name you should be allowed to get rid of any advertisements o...

Add Kanye West to your Profile. Imma Let You Finish

So, I saw the MSN pop up box and I liked it, so I tweaked it to show Kanye with the classic meme of Imma Let You finish. Code includes Kanyes class...

Scroll AviPics in Buddy Panel

This makes the avipics in your buddy panel scrolling from right to left. Place this code in a panel *after* the buddy/friends panel! this code n...

Immagine di Sfondo

La sua una soluzione a una funzione che dovrebbe essere disponibile nella prossima generazione del browser. Significa che è possibile aggiungere u...

Block Right Click

Block Right Click.

Hide My Interests Title

This hides the title of "My Interests"-Panel. Can be placed anywhere.

Remove Page Link from URL Panel

This will remove the page link from your URL-Panel.

Restore Original Size of Pictures, Images

This allows you to resize any pictures on your page to their original sizes. The code is prepared for "harming" the small sized avatarpictures and ...

Get clickable visitors aviname

This will write the name of the visitor at the given location and makes it clickable!

Change height of panel headers

This allows to change the panel title height of all panel headers. Change the 100px to a value that fit your needs and/or use the customize tool to...

Change avatar name title into a picture

This will change the Avatarname Heading into a picture (replace MYPICTURE with the url to the picture).

Colorize Special Someone Text

This code allows to colorize the special someone text and the panel content at all. Just choose the color you want at the bottom and then copy the ...

Semi-Opacity Panels w/High Light Hover

This code makes all your panels opacity to 60. But you can change the opacity: filter:alpha(opacity=# of Strenght) Also when the mose hover over e...

Add more special someones

This will allow you to add more special someones to your page. Please note that this code is only a fragment that allows you to add a custom made s...

Scroll AviPics in Visitors Panel

This makes the avipics in your visitors panel scrolling from right to left. Place this code in a panel *after* the visitors panel! this code nee...

Add border around panel headers

This allows to add borders around the panel headers. Just change the border-width value to tweak the strength of the border. Also you can change t...

Embedded Page

This will add an iframe to your page. This allows to add "foreign" websites in a box on your homepage.

Add marquee to panel

This code adds a scrolling ability to a specific panel. You can customize this code in setting the scrolling speed and type. Also specify the box h...

Rounded Corner on Panel Headers

You can use the "border-radius" CSS attribute to display your rectangular boxes with rounded corners. Circles and arcs are "in" this year. You ha...


anime ^w^

Re-Enable Oversized AvatarPics

This will allow all Avi pix to be full sized on ur page Internet explorer only!

Scroll box

Simple scroll box.

Small text

Makes your font small on the whole page! Can be placed anywhere. You can modify the param (10px) to adjust the font size.

Hide info badges under Avatar pictures

This will hide all info badges under the avatar pictures on a bling/badge enabled page (those that say, ap, vip, badge count...)

Hide TagCloud from Interestspanel

This will hide the tagcloud (interest words) from the interests <br>panel. This code can be placed anywhere.

Popup Message when visiting page

Replace "YOUR MESSAGE GOES HERE" in the code with the message you want to pop up when someone visits your page! NOTE: Some sites do not allow java...

Rainbow Text

This code will give you rainbow text! The longer your text, the longer the colors go! :) Please note that I did not personally create this code, bu...

Single Column Layout with jQuery

What it does: After your home page is loaded, this code will rearrange your panels into a single column format. It does this by removing the "righ...

Clothes ^^

Did you know about the IMVU secret? No? Never mind. I'll explain to you what is. This isn't to use in your hp, it's really to use in the game.

Dashed Underlined Text

This will allow you to write any text with a dashed underline.

Change the info in your panel IMVU About Me

This code changes the info in "About Me"

Print out own avatarname

This code will just print out the current "own" avatarname at the placed position. It will always use the current avatarname but removing the Guest...

Put in a picture

Adds a picture.

Block Member(s)

This code will allow you to block 1 or more members from seeing your website. Can be used to prevent friends to visit your website

Scrollable Grouppanel

This makes your groups panel scrollable. Adjust the height value to change the size. Can be placed anywhere.

Hide Badge Online Status

This will hide the online status that came with the bling/badge-enable update. It messes up with scrollable message panels and hiding them might be...

Japanese flag

This snippet will add a color overlay to represent a japenese flag. If you get stucked (e.g. cant click anything on your page anymore use this link...

Great Banner Code - Banner AND box with code supplied.

This is a great code for anyone wanting to display their banners. This code has the banner built in to display, AND a box below it with the code fo...

Change font-size in one panel

Set a different font-size for a specificied panel. In the given code it will make the text looking smaller.


Background with farie eyes This code just seems to add a back ground. It dosnt appear to do much else.

Display the Avatar Card

Have you ever visited a user's HP, and they've hidden their "About Me" panel? I think that's pretty lame, but I found a way around it, so you can ...

Remove Bottom Advertising Banner (JS)

A simple jquery/javascript code to remove the bottom advertising banner.

AnyMarquee (GalleryMarquee Adapted)

AnyMarquee is a adapted version of Gallery Marquee you can use it on every panel on the imvu hp but like gallery Marquee it need to be some where b...

3-column layout

testing only

JS Slideshow for Product Pages

Intro: I have been playing with jQuery, and I figured out how to create a slideshow using just JavaScript and images hosted on a third-party ser...

Wishlist your product

This is the code that would be used on a product page with a custom picture of your choice.

Blinking text

Adds a blinking text effect.

Hide No Special Someone Message

This removes the "There is no special someone message" from the special someone panel.

Hide date timestamp from messages in message panel

This code snippet will remove the date timestamp from the messages in your message panel.

Panel Drop Shadow (Firefox Only)

This neat script adds a drop shadow to your selected panels. Add any panel ids to the script and I really recommend you to use the code adjust tab ...

Change Profile Information

Have you ever wanted to change some of your information on your homepage? Like maybe your name. Or sexual orientation? Or even when you joined. Wel...

Change Font Of Homepage

This changes the font of your entire imvu HP! Just change "verdana" to the font you want.

Scrolling Musicbox (with controls)

This code will transform your music panel content into a scrollbox that automatically scrolls to the left. Additionally it contains two cotrolls (o...

Hide Messages within messages

This hides the message itself within the message. This means you will only see the avatarpic of the one who messaged but not the message itself.

Autoscroll whole Homepage

This will automatically scroll the whole website down and up again. Change the speed in the code to adjust the .. speed.

Drop-down Menu

This code places a dropdown field at the desired position and opens the link (value="LINK") in a new window when clicked. - reviewed and modifie...



Center panel

This centers a single panel.

Right Click Background Change

Right click makes your page changing its background suddenly! Just change the piclink!

Change Font

Replace "TYPE YOUR MESSAGE HERE" with your own words. This code will use a different font for the words you write there. You need to have the font ...

Zoom hover effect for gallery panel

Only work on modern browser such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera (latest version). Did not work on IE6, IE7, IE8.

Remove empty space below panel

This removes all empty spaces between the panels. (vertical)

Autoscroll Message Panel

This code makes the message panel autoscrolling. This means it will slide down to the next message after a while and continues this behaviour unt...

Embed panel anywhere (page, products, website)

When you click the link in this code it pops up a new window with someones aboutme panel inside. Just change the avatar name inside and the targete...

Background Switcher

This code is still in testing stage. If you notice it is not working, report in a comment on here. Thx. On demand I created this code that allow...

Hide badges from Friends/Buddies panel

This code will hide the badges besides the avatar pictures but only those displayed in the friends/buddies panel!

Blinking orange text

Makes your text orange blinking.

Removes all Ads / Unwanted Links

This code will remove all the advertisements that really do just get in the way. E.g: It removes the VIP ad regardless of your VIP status No...

Disable Text Selection

This will prevent the user from selecting any text, phrases or words on the page. It will not work to select text on the page. But notice there mig...

Change Panel Titles

Okay I replaced this code. It now works on Firefox *and* IE7 (so I guess on IE6 too). Actually this one can change anything on your page that has a...

Scrolling Text or Picture (marquee)

This code allows an image or text to scroll in which ever direction you choose. Here are many different directions you can pick. I'll list them in ...

Center About me Panel, and put two columns below it

This code simply centers your about me panel, assuming that it is in the top left corner, it also adds two columns below it.

Underlined text

This underlines some text.

Right Click Shaking

This will make the window shaking when the user hits the right mouse button. The shake effect may work for IE users only. You can modify the msgtex...

Hide all badges on your page

This code will hide all badges besides the avatar pictures!

Remove bottom links

Removes the links from the very bottom. Can be placed anywhere.

Center and wider panels

This will make the panels wider and make look them centered on the page. Attention: This will hide the right column of your page. So its recommende...

Centro e pannelli più ampia

Questo renderà i pannelli più ampio e far loro guardare al centro della pagina. Attenzione: Questo nascondere la colonna di destra della pagina. ...

Make Panels Somewhat Transparent.

This will make your panels somewhat transparent. This works with IE, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome. Makes any colors that you put up transparent. N...

To Make Friends Panel Scrollable

"THIS IS TO MAKE FRIENDS PANEL SCROLLABLE" Well its very simple acctually even if you don't know how to edit codes this will be easy. i think......

Add a Link to a Picture

Tis adds a link to a picture. Just change LINK to the Webaddress of the page you want and PICTURELINK to the picture's Webaddress.

Hide Music Player

Ok Heres The Hide Music Player Code Copy & Paste Your Music-Player Code Inside The "Code" Then Change The Height Width & Px To 1 "Example" ...

Picture on top of your page

This will change the appearance to show up a banner (in this case 900x200px) at the very beginning of your page. It changes the top links div layer...

Italic text

This makes the text cursive.

Big writing

Use this code to write in bigger letters. You can adjust the pixel value (25px) to make even bigger ones.

Remove Avatar Picture in Aboutme Panel

This will just remove your avatar picture from the aboutme panel!

Hide all panel titles!

This will hide all panel titles. Can be placed anywhere. Attention: You need to go to the safemode to redo this!

Hide links from panel headers

This will hide all panel links in all panel headers on the page.

Remove Avatar names from Visitors panel

This code removes the avatarname from the visitors panel but keep the avatar pictures. This code only works on bling/badge enabled pages.

Show message panel only on click

This code allows you to hide the message panel until the link is clicked. It requires the message panel to be visible and not turned off in the acc...

Gap At Top Of Page

To Change Gap Size Change "200" To Whatever You Like.

Visitor Panel Scrollable

Scroll the visitor panel with this code **Change both the Max width and heigh and normal height and width to your liking** This can be placed...

Using rgba() in CSS for color and opacity

Most designers use #RRGGBB or #RGB notation for colors in HTML and CSS. CSS has another option which allows you to also specify how opaque or tran...

Football World Cup: Argentina flag

This snippet will add a color overlay to represent your sympathy with the argentine football team. If you get stucked (e.g. cant click anything on ...

Visitor Pictures Change on Mouseover (Grey to Full Color)

This code will make visitor images on your page into grey scale, and then when someone hovers their mouse over the image, it will turn back to full...

Panels slow fade in

All IMVU panels fade in over a 2 second period using jQuery. (javascript libary) You can change the time it takes, just replace 2000 with whatev...

Skull that follows your mouse!

This script makes a skull icon (32px - 32px) follow your mouse around your screen I wrote this script and I have never seen it before but I apol...

Make Gallery Slider

This will change the appearance of the gallery panel content. It will use the pictures of your gallery panel and slides them in their ORIGINAL SIZE.

Smaller Text

Makes your text smaller in any panel. Just put ur text in "anything". You can change the size any time you want

Simple iFrame

This is to make an iFrame, a window on your page into another website. :D Great for displaying your catalog page, and people can navigate inside th...

Change height of one panel header

This allows to change the panel title height of one panel header (in this example the visitor panel one). Change the 100px to a value that fit your...

Bigger Room Panel

Changes the size of your room panel, by setting a new size for the image inside.

Change Welcomemessage

Change the welcome message to: anything! Can be placed anywhere but it is recommended to be placed at the very beginning of your page to work prope...

Replace Online Status Picture

This allows to change the default online status picture that will be shown beyond an avatar picture if the contact is currently online. Make sure y...

Aboutme User HTML Position Change

This will move the content of the user html result to the right of aboutme panel. Can be placed anywhere.

Full CSS3 Frameset

This snippet is an example on how future framesets should be realized. A frameset in this case means a page with a menu/navigation and a content ar...

More-detailed Message Header

This is just amazing. IMVU has put some more details about messages on the page but not displaying them. This code will do! Should be placed *after...

Hides green Online Bar

This will hide the small box saying Online right under avatar pics. Can be placed anywhere.

Replace Own Avatar Picture

This will change your own avatar picture! This code works fine when added into aboutme panel. Change the picture link into your favourite pic! Dont...

Change Avatar Name Heading

This allows to change the text in the avatar name heading. Modification: - Use this code to put a picture instead of a text at that position by...

Change Avi Name

This one change your avi name every 3 or 4 seconds in something else. Can be placed anywhere on your IMVU panels.

Original size visitors avatar pictures

This allows you to resize any pictures in the visitors panel to their original sizes. This code should work on a lot of browsers: Safari, Firefox, ...

Remove Buy Sticker Link

This will remove the "Buy Sticker"-Link from all Stickers on your page. Makes it looking more professional. This code can be placed anywhere on you...

Block Right Click with Popup

This blocks the right click functionality. Truely works on Internet Explorer and depends on JS-Settings in Firefox.


IMVU cheat codes. Try it in Dress up!!!

April Fools Joke

This snippet will make your page unavailable on April Fools Day (1st of April). Instead of showing the page a simple message will appear that looks...

Snowy Background Loop

A snowy background that loops forever. To add this to your homepage, add the snippet in the HEAD of your document. If you can't figure out where...

Pink Heart Cursor

Pink Animated Heart Cursor. Does not work on all browsers.

Add a picture above aboutme content

This adds a picture above the aboutme panel content. This changes panel titles to a picture. Okay, this is what you have to change: addbanner_made_...


Change "PUT INFO HERE!" to whatever you want to put in your box. scrollamount="0.6" is the scroll speed. The box is centered in the code already.

Open link in new window

Opens a link in a new window/tab.

Remove a panel title

This removes a single panel title.

Text Box With Scroll Box

Just a text box that only you can put words in. just put it in any panel that allows html/css. if you want to add color to the background or the f...

Hide Page Footer (Bottom)

If you want to hide the advertising banner and bottom menu, this code will do that.

Hide Links from Messagespanel

This will hide links from the messagespanel. Can be placed anywhere.

Aboutme AviPic align right

This will align the avatarpicture to the right and the avatarinfo to the left. Can be placed anywhere.

Insert an Image that Changes when Rolled Over

This will give you an image anywhere you place the code, and you can give it an alternate image for when someone rolls their mouse over it. This ca...

Football World Cup: German flag

This snippet will add a color overlay to represent your sympathy with the german football team. If you get stucked (e.g. cant click anything on you...

More space between Avipic and Aboutmedetails

This will change the space between your big avatar picture and the details in your aboutme panel. Change the number of pixels to adjust the size. T...

Free Div Layout

This is a Div Layout I designed. There is more information in the IMVU group, IMVU Codes. The code below will give you the setup for the boxes i...

Profile Box Link

Ok, say you have made a custom special someone, and want to make it so when you click their photo and/or name it makes that profile box appear, the...

TagLine Message Roll

Credits goes to DavidjarlofTancreed This code changes your tagline every 2 seconds while picking from 6 pre-defined ones.

Text roll up!

This script rotates in a given time the content of a line on your page. You can customize this code in settings the cycle interval in seconds and a...

Make Page Not Scroll

Make your homepage not scroll at all. This code does not work well with borders around the page.

Opacity Message Switcher

This code tweaks the messages panel and shows every message with a delay of 30 seconds inbetween. It uses an opacity switcher to hide the old one a...

Hide Tagline

This will allow you to hide the tagline in your aboutme panel.

Flip table columns

This will change the position of the table columns.

Hides contact links from contact panel

This hides the Contact-Links from the contactpanel. Can be placed anywhere.

10 Popups in a row

This will show 10 popups in a row when your page is visited. Can be annoying.. can be handy. Use with caution! When using the imvucodes interface ...

Winter Code! Make your page snow.

This code will make snowflakes fall on your page! For best results, place in the highest panel of your page. This code was designed by Explicit, an...

Change Tagline

This allows you to change the content of your tagline. E.g. you can put a picture or different text in it. Just replace the part where it says I...

Leaving Popup Msg *revised*

This will create a popup msg when the user leaves the page. Change MESSAGE GOES HERE! into the msg you want to have displayed!

Reverse page (May confuse you)

This code will change the appearance of your page. It displays your texts in reverse, moves the avatarpicture on the other side, swaps the panels (...

colora la descrizione

Questo i colori del testo. Basta cambiare il testo e il colore esadecimale, se necessario.

your body it taunts me, your flesh is oh so haunting

instead of "loading page" it says "your body it taunts me, your flesh is oh so haunting"

Hide symbols in ranking panel

This will hide the left icons in the ranking panel.

Custom Scrolling Status Bar

Makes you status bar scrolling a given text. Works only in some browsers...

Bold text

Makes your text bold.

Redirect to another URL on page load

On page load, will direct to choosen URL Change the Google URL to your URL. Recommended it begin with 'http://' without quotations

Questo aggiunge

Questo aggiungerà un iframe alla tua pagina. Questo permette di aggiungere "stranieri", siti in una finestra sulla tua home page.

scrool bar code

this code will generate a red and black scrool bar for ur page :D

Cute and Clean Background

Just another way to change your Homepage Background.

Swap Panels (Left one right, right one left)

This will swap the two panel columns. This means the smaller panels on the right side will exchange their position with the wider ones on the left ...

Remove Top Links

This will remove the top links (send message, add buddy, report page). Can be placed anywhere.

Stretch background image over whole page

This code allows to add a custom background image and stretch it over the whole page making it cover the whole background by automatic resizing. Th...

Cross-Browser Heading cheanger

This code is for changing the headers of the About Me, Dev panel, ect. It uses IMVUs jquery so it's nearly always going to work

Custom DIV Layout with IMVU Panels

This is a try to make a custom div layout using the default IMVU panels and just re-arranging them.

Remove Slideshow from Slideshow Panel

This will remove the flash element (the slideshow itself) from the slideshow panel, so that the panel can be used for own content!

How to Change Your Avatar Picture

This is not actually a code, you don't need one anymore. There are two ways to change your avatar picture, and I will explain both for you. Re...

Remove avatar name title

Remove the avatar name title from the beginning of your page. Can be placed anywhere.

Centered Page Picture

This will allow you to add a picture on top of the page "centered".

R-B Banner

Make Your Banner Red And Black

Messages panel scrollable

Fixes the height of your messages panel and adds a scrollbar. Can be placed anywhere. You can modify the parameters (300px) to adjust the box height.

Sample Content For Sale


Put in a link

Adds a link.