To Make Friends Panel Scrollable

Well its very simple acctually even if you don't know how to edit codes this will be easy. i Well moving on To change the "height" just change the number "400" to any number you wan't (if you wan't it smaller change it to like 300 or 350. To make it bigger just change it to 500 or 550 or more but if u put it like to 1000 thats honestly too AND to make it Wider (change the number "500" to any number depending on how small or big u want it, IF you want the width smaller change it to 400 or 450 or less, or if you want it bigger change it to 600 or 650 or more depending on how wide u want it.)
Now ive set the Max-height and max-width to 900 so you really don't have to mess with that unless u want it bigger.

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