Tip: Use free Google Fonts on your page

Using typography on the web can be dodgy. Some fonts are pervasive, such as Arial, Courier New, Verdana, Georgia, and Times New Roman. More specialized fonts may not work on other people's computers if they don't have that font installed, so what looks great in your own computer's web browser might look terrible on someone else's.

Fortunately, CSS has the ability to import fonts for use on your page from anywhere on the web. Google has been gracious enough to let us web designers use 648 fonts for free, just go to Google Fonts to see. Find the font you like, then click the "Quick Use" icon to see the @import CSS code to put in your <style> block (as shown below). Then you can use that font anywhere in your page, either through changing the CSS codes, or using the inline style="..." attribute.

This code snippet was originally contributed by Cheri Imvu. Go to the author' imvu website.