iFrame with Buttons

This is to make a more complicated iFrame. This has a main Frame, and then you can have buttons to lead to different pages. Awesome for customizing your homepage or product pages!The blue and gray sections are the same things, but in different formats. These are your buttons/links to your iFrame. Please note that in the code box, you do not need to copy the parts in the ! area. Those are for you to see clearly the different parts of the codes.


Option 1 code: Do not change the part that says target. This is a text link that you can make so that people can click to change the iFrame. Ex: My Products

Option 2 code: Do not change the part that says target. this is the same thing, a link to change your iFrame, but this one can use an image. Ex: a button saying My Products.

Frame: Don't change much, except for the width and height if you wish. The source you can change if you wish, I would suggest maybe your catalog page, or your homepage.

For the buttons: You can create as many links as you want. just copy and paste them and change them as you wish.

This code snippet was originally contributed by angelskiss2007.