How to add a YouTube video that is set to Auto play, on your homepage. (Updated.)

The first step is to make sure you have your 'My Videos' panel enabled onto your homepage. To do that just click 'Account' located at the top right corner, next to your username name. From there scroll down the page until you see 'Panel Visibility Settings.' Then find the 'My Videos' box located at the bottom of the list. Make sure that is changed from 'Off' to 'Everyone'. Step two is to find the video you want, anyone will do. After you find the one your want click the 'Share' button located right under the video. Then click 'Embed.' Now that you've done that, you should see a highlighted code. Now, the size of the video is going to be pretty large, so I suggest you make it smaller by changing the width="560" and height="315" to something a little smaller, I'm using the size width="250" and height="150". Once you've got your desired size, look for the
'?rel=0' bit of the code, and change that to 'autoplay=1' (without the quotes.) Then copy the whole code and just paste it in your videos box, you can do that by clicking 'edit' on your videos panel and then clicking 'edit custom HTML/CSS' then just pasting your code into that box that pops up, then hit save, and you're finished! Enjoy!

This code snippet was originally contributed by shino.