Display the Avatar Card

Have you ever visited a user's HP, and they've hidden their "About Me" panel? I think that's pretty lame, but I found a way around it, so you can see their About Me information even if they've "removed" it.

You have to be on the user's home page for this trick to work. This isn't really a code you would put on your page, but it's a handy tip.

First you need to find the user's ID number. If you hover your mouse over the "Name Change History" link, and look at the URL in the status bar on the bottom, the number at the end of this URL is their ID. Remember this or write it down. (A URL is a web address in the form "http://www.server.com/some/page", in case you're new to this.)

Then in the Address Box of your browser (the place up top where you can type a URL) type the following:


and press enter. My ID is 25522141, but you can put any ID in place of it and the avatar card for that user will show up. You have to type it with the same capitalization I used or it won't work.

// While on an IMVU home page, type the following into your browser's Address Box and then press <Enter>:

This code snippet was originally contributed by Cheri Imvu. Go to the author' imvu website.