Change Panel Titles

Okay I replaced this code. It now works on Firefox *and* IE7 (so I guess on IE6 too). Actually this one can change anything on your page that has an identifier. Now you might ask "please let me change my aboutme details. blahblah" (but stop asking please). Use the following code to change paneltitles. Okay, this is what you have to change: replacethis_made_by_imvucodes_net('aboutme_panel','Your new title! Change this!'); The first parameter is the panel which title you want to change to the text given in the second parameter. Please note giving the panel id (not the header id or anything else). You might want to add a picture instead of a text, so another example would be:


Some panel identifiers are: aboutme_panel, groups_panel, friends_panel (Buddies), visitors_panel, wishlist_panel, tagcloud_panel (Interests), special_panel, messages_panel, room_panel, outfits_panel, dev_panel (New Products), music_panel, blog_panel, rss_panel, url_panel, contact_panel, streetteam_panel, stickers_panel, collect_panel, cool_panel, rankings_panel, gallery_panel, ad_panel

This code snippet was originally contributed by Prôductions Imvu. Go to the author' imvu website.