Change Any Panel Title

This code uses jQuery and JavaScript to change any panel title on your page. It works in all browsers and because jQuery is hosted on Google, it is very reliable.

In the example below, I'm changing the text for "Special Someone" to "The Love of My Life". The id for the Special Someone panel is #special_panel. The text you want to replace it with is inside the .text('What to Put There') clause. Make sure the panel always starts with a pound sign (#) and that the text is surrounded by quotation marks. This code will work anywhere in your home page, it doesn't matter which custom HTML panel you put it in.

I'll show you how to do other useful tweaks using jQuery in the future. If you have a particular thing you'd like to change, please let me know! PM me at my page: :D

Here are the panel id's:

About Me > #aboutme_panel
Advertising > #ad_panel
My Badges > #badges_panel
My Blog > #blog_panel
Contact Me > #contact_panel
Cool New People > #cool_panel
My Products > #dev_panel
My Buddies > #friends_panel
My Pictures > #gallery_panel
My Groups > #groups_panel
My Messages > #messages_panel
My Outfits > #outfits_panel
My Rankings > #rankings_panel
My Room > #room_panel
My News > #rss_panel
Special Someone > #special_panel
My Stickers > #stickers_panel
My Interests > #tagcloud_panel
My URL > #url_panel
My Videos > #video_panel
My Visitors > #visitors_panel
My Wishlist > #wishlist_panel

This code snippet was originally contributed by Cheri Imvu. Go to the author' imvu website.