AnyMarquee (GalleryMarquee Adapted)

AnyMarquee is a adapted version of Gallery Marquee you can use it on every panel on the imvu hp but like gallery Marquee it need to be some where below the panel that you gone to use

you may use it for friends or gifts or with the best selling code

(note) if you gone to use this with best selling code put de best selling code in video panel and this code at the bottom in a panel

if you like to use it multi times just change AnyMarquee to anything that you like, friendsmarquee and so on
this code was devmarquee so in some casses you need to change xxxx_panel_extra_html_show to xxxx_panel_colRow

Extra information by Productions: For example, you put one or more <a href="linktarget"><img src="picture"></a> after another in the about me panel extra html box. After you apply the code below (after the target panel) it will easily change into a marquee animated slider.

This code snippet was originally contributed by solutidelaluna.