Add a picture above aboutme content

This adds a picture above the aboutme panel content. This changes panel titles to a picture. Okay, this is what you have to change: addbanner_made_by_imvucodes_net('aboutme_panel','YOURPICTURELINK HERE'); The first parameter is the panel which title you want to change to the picture given in the second parameter. Please note giving the panel id (not the header id or anything else). Some panel identifiers are: aboutme_panel, groups_panel, friends_panel (Buddies), visitors_panel, wishlist_panel, tagcloud_panel (Interests), special_panel, messages_panel, room_panel, outfits_panel, dev_panel (New Products), music_panel, blog_panel, rss_panel, url_panel, contact_panel, streetteam_panel, stickers_panel, collect_panel, cool_panel, rankings_panel, gallery_panel, ad_panel

This code snippet was originally contributed by Prôductions Imvu. Go to the author' imvu website.