Are you an IMVU developer and want to have your badge added to the directory? Contact imvubox support.

Simple steps
  1. Make sure that you are logged in on IMVU.COM
  2. Go to the MassBadger directory and choose your badges (or use the button to simply add all). The badges will be added to your virtually shopping card
  3. Go to your virtually cart and "checkout". You will be redirected to the avatar page of Benni who will then start the granting process. This can really take a while (especially if you want all 800+ badges), so lean back or do something else inbetween...

Kudos to any of the Badge owners.
Respect the work they do, and support them by using their Badge on your profile. This is a free of charge service. If you ever find this to be charged for on a third-party-website avoid using the service.

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