Tip: Use free Google Fonts on your page

Using typography on the web can be dodgy. Some fonts are pervasive, such as Arial, Courier New, Verdana, Georgia, and Times New Roman. More specialized fonts may not work on other people's computers if they don't have that font installed, so what looks great in your own computer's web browser mi... details

Scrolling Text or Picture (marquee)

This code allows an image or text to scroll in which ever direction you choose. Here are many different directions you can pick. I'll list them in the same order as the codes below are listed. 1. Right to Left 2. Left to Right 3. Up 4. Down 5. Up and Down 6. Zig Zagg details

Replace Online Status Picture

This allows to change the default online status picture that will be shown beyond an avatar picture if the contact is currently online. Make sure you set the correct picture sizes too to prevent cropped status pictures. details

Down Menu bar for any page or products

now u can make menu down with this code u can add ur link & choice the name of this link to show in this menu down bar u can add more then one link all u want change this this link & name in menu down bar example <option value="http://www.msn.com/">Sell Mesh Cloth... details

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