Page Background Slideshow

This script allows you to change the page background periodically, like a slideshow. I won't get into the details of how it works, but I'll show you how to use it. You can change delaySeconds to any number greater than 0, that's the time between slides. You can change shuffle to either tru... details

Change height of one panel header

This allows to change the panel title height of one panel header (in this example the visitor panel one). Change the 100px to a value that fit your needs and/or use the customize tool to create the code. details

Background Switcher

This code is still in testing stage. If you notice it is not working, report in a comment on here. Thx. On demand I created this code that allows a background switching. Just change the piclink value (note: leave the brackets and DO NOT use additional brackets within the brackets. Just put the... details

Badge Auto-grant -> Catalog Page View

Giving away badges is great, but are they helping direct traffic to your catalog page? If not, try this code. Whenever someone auto-grants him/herself, the price they pay is a redirection to your catalog page. Oh, they still get the badge, but you never know, someone might actually make a purch... details

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