Centro e pannelli più ampia

Questo renderà i pannelli più ampio e far loro guardare al centro della pagina. Attenzione: Questo nascondere la colonna di destra della pagina. Così la sua consigliato di spostare tutti i pannelli che devono essere visibili a quello di sinistra! Questo codice può essere inserito ovunque. Que... details

Semi-Opacity Panels w/High Light Hover

This code makes all your panels opacity to 60. But you can change the opacity: filter:alpha(opacity=# of Strenght) Also when the mose hover over each panel it gives it a little glow. Well hope you enjoy. details

Reverse page (May confuse you)

This code will change the appearance of your page. It displays your texts in reverse, moves the avatarpicture on the other side, swaps the panels (left to right, right to left) and avipics in msgs to right, gifts to left. details

Change Tagline

This allows you to change the content of your tagline. E.g. you can put a picture or different text in it. Just replace the part where it says IMVUCODES PIMPS YOUR PAGE ;) with the text you wish to have. For adding a picture use <img src="PICLINK HERE"> Make sure you are ... details

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