Scroll AviPics in Buddy Panel

This makes the avipics in your buddy panel scrolling from right to left. Place this code in a panel *after* the buddy/friends panel! this code needs an update. Therefor it will not work or work incorrectly with the latest imvu homepage updates. details

Using rgba() in CSS for color and opacity

Most designers use #RRGGBB or #RGB notation for colors in HTML and CSS. CSS has another option which allows you to also specify how opaque or transparent that color is, namely rgba() notation. The rgba() specifier takes 4 arguments: red, blue, green and alpha. Red, blue and green are numbers... details

Change height of one panel header

This allows to change the panel title height of one panel header (in this example the visitor panel one). Change the 100px to a value that fit your needs and/or use the customize tool to create the code. details

10 Popups in a row

This will show 10 popups in a row when your page is visited. Can be annoying.. can be handy. Use with caution! When using the imvucodes interface you can leave out a message text to show less than 10 popups. Feel free to use the code several times on your page. details

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