Change Font

Replace "TYPE YOUR MESSAGE HERE" with your own words. This code will use a different font for the words you write there. You need to have the font file installed on your computer or otherwise you will not see it in this font. details

Reverse page (May confuse you)

This code will change the appearance of your page. It displays your texts in reverse, moves the avatarpicture on the other side, swaps the panels (left to right, right to left) and avipics in msgs to right, gifts to left. details

Immagine di Sfondo

La sua una soluzione a una funzione che dovrebbe essere disponibile nella prossima generazione del browser. Significa che รจ possibile aggiungere un'immagine di sfondo alla pagina che si estendeva su tutta la pagina! Unfortunatelly con Internet Explorer it doesnt lavoro per renderlo non lo scorri... details

To Make Friends Panel Scrollable

"THIS IS TO MAKE FRIENDS PANEL SCROLLABLE" Well its very simple acctually even if you don't know how to edit codes this will be easy. i Well moving on To change the "height" just change the number "400" to any number you wan't (if you wan't it smaller ... details

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