Change Any Panel Title

This code uses jQuery and JavaScript to change any panel title on your page. It works in all browsers and because jQuery is hosted on Google, it is very reliable. In the example below, I'm changing the text for "Special Someone" to "The Love of My Life". The id for the Sp... details

Invisible Music Player

Play music on your homepage without the need of a player or long codes. The very first thing you have to do is to upload your music file to a online file host which will put your music file online and not those that let you upload the music file and require anyone to listen to the music to cl... details

Autoscroll Message Panel

This code makes the message panel autoscrolling. This means it will slide down to the next message after a while and continues this behaviour until end of messages is reached. « This code only makes sense when using the mess... details

Down Menu bar for any page or products

now u can make menu down with this code u can add ur link & choice the name of this link to show in this menu down bar u can add more then one link all u want change this this link & name in menu down bar example <option value="">Sell Mesh Cloth... details

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