Show message panel only on click

This code allows you to hide the message panel until the link is clicked. It requires the message panel to be visible and not turned off in the account settings! This code will actually work for any panel (just change messages_panel inside the style part and also at the right of getElementById). details

Full CSS3 Frameset

This snippet is an example on how future framesets should be realized. A frameset in this case means a page with a menu/navigation and a content area. Clicking an item of the navigation will change the content containers content. Be advised, that this snippet currently not work in all browsers. B... details

Add more special someones

This will allow you to add more special someones to your page. Please note that this code is only a fragment that allows you to add a custom made special someone to your special someone panel. And of course you have to change the things in the code that say "Productions". Otherwise you ... details

Change height of one panel header

This allows to change the panel title height of one panel header (in this example the visitor panel one). Change the 100px to a value that fit your needs and/or use the customize tool to create the code. details

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