Scrolling Musicbox (with controls)

This code will transform your music panel content into a scrollbox that automatically scrolls to the left. Additionally it contains two cotrolls (one at each end) to change the scrolling direction. This code has to be put after the music panel html box (that means it will not work when you put th... details

iFrame with Buttons

This is to make a more complicated iFrame. This has a main Frame, and then you can have buttons to lead to different pages. Awesome for customizing your homepage or product pages!The blue and gray sections are the same things, but in different formats. These are your buttons/links to your iFrame.... details

Down Menu bar for any page or products

now u can make menu down with this code u can add ur link & choice the name of this link to show in this menu down bar u can add more then one link all u want change this this link & name in menu down bar example <option value="">Sell Mesh Cloth... details

Profile Box Link

Ok, say you have made a custom special someone, and want to make it so when you click their photo and/or name it makes that profile box appear, then here is what you need to do. All do you is you place the snippet below in this --> onclick="" E.g: <img src="your_friends_p... details

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