Winter Code! Make your page snow.

This code will make snowflakes fall on your page! For best results, place in the highest panel of your page. This code was designed by Explicit, and he does not claim to own the snowflake image, nor do I. Enjoy, and happy holidays! details

Use Monospace font for HTML/CSS editing

The font that IMVU chose for editing HTML codes is really annoying. It's hard to tell zeros and O's apart. The letters are too darn close. There is a reason that web designers use tools that display their codes in monospace fonts - it's easier to read and manipulate. In this code, I'm going to s... details

Page background

This is a piece of CSS that allows you to put in your own background, it works on any website. Don't forget to put in your own picture. Attachment fixed will prevent your background from scrolling down along with the rest of your page. Can be placed anywhere. details

Scroll AviPics in Buddy Panel

This makes the avipics in your buddy panel scrolling from right to left. Place this code in a panel *after* the buddy/friends panel! this code needs an update. Therefor it will not work or work incorrectly with the latest imvu homepage updates. details

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