Centro e pannelli più ampia

Questo renderà i pannelli più ampio e far loro guardare al centro della pagina. Attenzione: Questo nascondere la colonna di destra della pagina. Così la sua consigliato di spostare tutti i pannelli che devono essere visibili a quello di sinistra! Questo codice può essere inserito ovunque. Que... details

Swap Panels (Left one right, right one left)

This will swap the two panel columns. This means the smaller panels on the right side will exchange their position with the wider ones on the left side. Just try out! (This code was taken from the imvu boards. But has been modified to display the mininav and rss_panel in the right way.) Notice... details

JS Slideshow for Product Pages

Intro: I have been playing with jQuery, and I figured out how to create a slideshow using just JavaScript and images hosted on a third-party server. No Flash is required! Each image fades out while the next image fades in, and you can cycle through the images or display them at random. Best... details

Custom Confirm Box for Link Redirection

This script creates a confim box. But in addition the code will redirect the page to a given Website when clicked on the left button (OK). And this code offers the ability to change the buttons' captions. Use the adjustments in the "Adjust Code"-Tab and copy the code to the place whe... details

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