Immagine di Sfondo

La sua una soluzione a una funzione che dovrebbe essere disponibile nella prossima generazione del browser. Significa che รจ possibile aggiungere un'immagine di sfondo alla pagina che si estendeva su tutta la pagina! Unfortunatelly con Internet Explorer it doesnt lavoro per renderlo non lo scorri... details

Page Background Slideshow

This script allows you to change the page background periodically, like a slideshow. I won't get into the details of how it works, but I'll show you how to use it. You can change delaySeconds to any number greater than 0, that's the time between slides. You can change shuffle to either tru... details

Disable Text Selection

This will prevent the user from selecting any text, phrases or words on the page. It will not work to select text on the page. But notice there might be problems with embedded flash objects and their highlighting. details

Rounded Corner on Panel Headers

You can use the "border-radius" CSS attribute to display your rectangular boxes with rounded corners. Circles and arcs are "in" this year. You have to apply it to the "#xxxxx_panel table" CSS selectors for it to work, though. details

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