How to Change Your Avatar Picture

This is not actually a code, you don't need one anymore. There are two ways to change your avatar picture, and I will explain both for you. Remember that pictures typically need to be 160x220 pixels in height and width, and there is a file size limit of 39KB. There is one way to get around t... details

Disable Text Selection

This will prevent the user from selecting any text, phrases or words on the page. It will not work to select text on the page. But notice there might be problems with embedded flash objects and their highlighting. details

Add Kanye West to your Profile. Imma Let Y...

So, I saw the MSN pop up box and I liked it, so I tweaked it to show Kanye with the classic meme of Imma Let You finish. Code includes Kanyes classic MTV shrug, and is unscrollable so will stay at the bottom right of the page to amuse everyone. It comes in after 2 seconds. Tags: Msn msn funny imv... details

Great Banner Code - Banner AND box with co...

This is a great code for anyone wanting to display their banners. This code has the banner built in to display, AND a box below it with the code for people to take. You only need to change the linktopage and linktoimage parts. Please note: I have noticed that some URLs with spaces and odd char... details

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