Badge Auto-grant -> Catalog Page View

Giving away badges is great, but are they helping direct traffic to your catalog page? If not, try this code. Whenever someone auto-grants him/herself, the price they pay is a redirection to your catalog page. Oh, they still get the badge, but you never know, someone might actually make a purch... details

Deny Badge Auto-Grant with Redirect

OK, let's say you plunked down 100K credits on a badge, and you find it isn't helping sales, really? What is an avatar to do? All the leeches want freebies, but are not playing the game to your advantage. Well, you can charge them for the badge by redirecting them to a product page instead of ... details

Winter Code! Make your page snow.

This code will make snowflakes fall on your page! For best results, place in the highest panel of your page. This code was designed by Explicit, and he does not claim to own the snowflake image, nor do I. Enjoy, and happy holidays! details

Require valid login for visit

This will automatically lead to IMVU's login page (and directly back to your avatar page) when the visitor is not logged in. If this causes any troubles for you accessing your own page go to the safe mode and take off the code. Since this codes uses your links to get your avatarId you MAY not ... details

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