Use Monospace font for HTML/CSS editing

The font that IMVU chose for editing HTML codes is really annoying. It's hard to tell zeros and O's apart. The letters are too darn close. There is a reason that web designers use tools that display their codes in monospace fonts - it's easier to read and manipulate. In this code, I'm going to s... details

Skull that follows your mouse!

This script makes a skull icon (32px - 32px) follow your mouse around your screen I wrote this script and I have never seen it before but I apologize if someone has come up with this before me Note: Javascript must be enabled details

Deny Badge Auto-Grant with Redirect

OK, let's say you plunked down 100K credits on a badge, and you find it isn't helping sales, really? What is an avatar to do? All the leeches want freebies, but are not playing the game to your advantage. Well, you can charge them for the badge by redirecting them to a product page instead of ... details

Badge Auto-grant -> Catalog Page View

Giving away badges is great, but are they helping direct traffic to your catalog page? If not, try this code. Whenever someone auto-grants him/herself, the price they pay is a redirection to your catalog page. Oh, they still get the badge, but you never know, someone might actually make a purch... details

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