How to Change Your Avatar Picture

This is not actually a code, you don't need one anymore. There are two ways to change your avatar picture, and I will explain both for you. Remember that pictures typically need to be 160x220 pixels in height and width, and there is a file size limit of 39KB. There is one way to get around t... details

Swap Panels (Left one right, right one left)

This will swap the two panel columns. This means the smaller panels on the right side will exchange their position with the wider ones on the left side. Just try out! (This code was taken from the imvu boards. But has been modified to display the mininav and rss_panel in the right way.) Notice... details

10 Popups in a row

This will show 10 popups in a row when your page is visited. Can be annoying.. can be handy. Use with caution! When using the imvucodes interface you can leave out a message text to show less than 10 popups. Feel free to use the code several times on your page. details

Center Top Links

This allows to center the top links of your page. Please note that you will not see the links yourself when editing your page. They are only visible for your visitors. So you need to logout or into another account in order to see them. Do not wonder if you will not see any difference in the appea... details

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