Layout blue with dark borders

It can modifided by, windows paint, size regualtions, color (but only in paint when you color it lol, uh sorry if that wasn't funny though really sorry) can be used for profile pics, profile backgrounds, as well as skins, for music players. Edited by Productions: reviewed and approved but back... details

Restore Original Size of Pictures, Images

This allows you to resize any pictures on your page to their original sizes. The code is prepared for "harming" the small sized avatarpictures and stretch them to their original size. This code should work on a lot of browsers: Safari, Firefox, IE6+, Opera. If you are familiar with java... details

Scroll AviPics in Buddy Panel

This makes the avipics in your buddy panel scrolling from right to left. Place this code in a panel *after* the buddy/friends panel! this code needs an update. Therefor it will not work or work incorrectly with the latest imvu homepage updates. details

Blog Style Change

This code allows to customize the blog panel style. When not using the customize link this code will do the following: change the font size to a 12px size, change the font color to red, change the background to transparent, change the link color to pink. details

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