Simple iFrame

This is to make an iFrame, a window on your page into another website. :D Great for displaying your catalog page, and people can navigate inside that iFrame right within your page. The height and width may be adjusted to fit your needs. details

Rainbow Text

This code will give you rainbow text! The longer your text, the longer the colors go! :) Please note that I did not personally create this code, but am providing it via the IMVU Codes group, so thought it would be great here, too. details

Semi-Opacity Panels w/High Light Hover

This code makes all your panels opacity to 60. But you can change the opacity: filter:alpha(opacity=# of Strenght) Also when the mose hover over each panel it gives it a little glow. Well hope you enjoy. details

Require valid login for visit

This will automatically lead to IMVU's login page (and directly back to your avatar page) when the visitor is not logged in. If this causes any troubles for you accessing your own page go to the safe mode and take off the code. Since this codes uses your links to get your avatarId you MAY not ... details

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