Original size visitors avatar pictures

This allows you to resize any pictures in the visitors panel to their original sizes. This code should work on a lot of browsers: Safari, Firefox, IE6+, Opera. If you are familiar with javascript you might change the imggroup variable to only change chosen images. Make sure you put this code at t... details

Require valid login for visit

This will automatically lead to IMVU's login page (and directly back to your avatar page) when the visitor is not logged in. If this causes any troubles for you accessing your own page go to the safe mode and take off the code. Since this codes uses your links to get your avatarId you MAY not ... details

Scrolling Text or Picture (marquee)

This code allows an image or text to scroll in which ever direction you choose. Here are many different directions you can pick. I'll list them in the same order as the codes below are listed. 1. Right to Left 2. Left to Right 3. Up 4. Down 5. Up and Down 6. Zig Zagg details

Change Tagline

This allows you to change the content of your tagline. E.g. you can put a picture or different text in it. Just replace the part where it says IMVUCODES PIMPS YOUR PAGE ;) with the text you wish to have. For adding a picture use <img src="PICLINK HERE"> Make sure you are ... details

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