Winter Code! Make your page snow.

This code will make snowflakes fall on your page! For best results, place in the highest panel of your page. This code was designed by Explicit, and he does not claim to own the snowflake image, nor do I. Enjoy, and happy holidays! details

Center Top Links

This allows to center the top links of your page. Please note that you will not see the links yourself when editing your page. They are only visible for your visitors. So you need to logout or into another account in order to see them. Do not wonder if you will not see any difference in the appea... details

Add a picture above aboutme content

This adds a picture above the aboutme panel content. This changes panel titles to a picture. Okay, this is what you have to change: addbanner_made_by_imvucodes_net('aboutme_panel','YOURPICTURELINK HERE'); The first parameter is the panel which title you want to change to the picture given in the ... details

Reverse page (May confuse you)

This code will change the appearance of your page. It displays your texts in reverse, moves the avatarpicture on the other side, swaps the panels (left to right, right to left) and avipics in msgs to right, gifts to left. details

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