Centro e pannelli più ampia

Questo renderà i pannelli più ampio e far loro guardare al centro della pagina. Attenzione: Questo nascondere la colonna di destra della pagina. Così la sua consigliato di spostare tutti i pannelli che devono essere visibili a quello di sinistra! Questo codice può essere inserito ovunque. Que... details

Insert an Image that Changes when Rolled Over

This will give you an image anywhere you place the code, and you can give it an alternate image for when someone rolls their mouse over it. This can also be linked to somewhere if needed. **This code would be perfect for upgrading an "iFrame with Buttons". To make it a button, use th... details

Deny Badge Auto-Grant with Redirect

OK, let's say you plunked down 100K credits on a badge, and you find it isn't helping sales, really? What is an avatar to do? All the leeches want freebies, but are not playing the game to your advantage. Well, you can charge them for the badge by redirecting them to a product page instead of ... details

iFrame with Buttons

This is to make a more complicated iFrame. This has a main Frame, and then you can have buttons to lead to different pages. Awesome for customizing your homepage or product pages!The blue and gray sections are the same things, but in different formats. These are your buttons/links to your iFrame.... details

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