Rounded Corner on Panel Headers

You can use the "border-radius" CSS attribute to display your rectangular boxes with rounded corners. Circles and arcs are "in" this year. You have to apply it to the "#xxxxx_panel table" CSS selectors for it to work, though. details

Replace Online Status Picture

This allows to change the default online status picture that will be shown beyond an avatar picture if the contact is currently online. Make sure you set the correct picture sizes too to prevent cropped status pictures. details

Football World Cup: Argentina flag

This snippet will add a color overlay to represent your sympathy with the argentine football team. If you get stucked (e.g. cant click anything on your page anymore use this link to revert the changes: or shorturl<br>... details

Free background.

You're need to put this code on your IMVU Homepage. INSTRUCTIONS: 1)Go to your IMVU Homepage. 2)Click on 'Edit' in the top right on About Me panel and click on 'Edit custom HTML/CSS'. 3)Paste the code (CTRL+V) on the textbox and just click 'Save'. Hope you like them :) details

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