Polaroid Picture Effect for your Special S...

This code will make your Special Someone picture just like Polaroid Photo. Ps: This code only work for modern Browser such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera (latest version). Did not work on IE6, IE7 and IE8. So upgrade your browser ;). Pss: I have give some notes on the css code, so you... details

Down Menu bar for any page or products

now u can make menu down with this code u can add ur link & choice the name of this link to show in this menu down bar u can add more then one link all u want change this this link & name in menu down bar example <option value="http://www.msn.com/">Sell Mesh Cloth... details

Show message panel only on click

This code allows you to hide the message panel until the link is clicked. It requires the message panel to be visible and not turned off in the account settings! This code will actually work for any panel (just change messages_panel inside the style part and also at the right of getElementById). details

Popup Message when visiting page

Replace "YOUR MESSAGE GOES HERE" in the code with the message you want to pop up when someone visits your page! NOTE: Some sites do not allow javascript so this code won't work on those sites! But since you cant view imvu pages without having javascript enabled this doesnt matter ^^ details

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