Change height of one panel header

This allows to change the panel title height of one panel header (in this example the visitor panel one). Change the 100px to a value that fit your needs and/or use the customize tool to create the code. details

Require valid login for visit

This will automatically lead to IMVU's login page (and directly back to your avatar page) when the visitor is not logged in. If this causes any troubles for you accessing your own page go to the safe mode and take off the code. Since this codes uses your links to get your avatarId you MAY not ... details

Change Font

Replace "TYPE YOUR MESSAGE HERE" with your own words. This code will use a different font for the words you write there. You need to have the font file installed on your computer or otherwise you will not see it in this font. details

Print out own avatarname

This code will just print out the current "own" avatarname at the placed position. It will always use the current avatarname but removing the Guest_-Prefix. Please make sure you do not hide your my_links section (which is actually not even allowed)... In preview mode on imvucodes look i... details

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