Tip: Use free Google Fonts on your page

Using typography on the web can be dodgy. Some fonts are pervasive, such as Arial, Courier New, Verdana, Georgia, and Times New Roman. More specialized fonts may not work on other people's computers if they don't have that font installed, so what looks great in your own computer's web browser mi... details

Picture on top of your page

This will change the appearance to show up a banner (in this case 900x200px) at the very beginning of your page. It changes the top links div layer and removes the avatarname heading. This code can be placed anywhere but should be modified before usage. details

Insert an Image that Changes when Rolled Over

This will give you an image anywhere you place the code, and you can give it an alternate image for when someone rolls their mouse over it. This can also be linked to somewhere if needed. **This code would be perfect for upgrading an "iFrame with Buttons". To make it a button, use th... details

Change Avatar Name Heading

This allows to change the text in the avatar name heading. Modification: - Use this code to put a picture instead of a text at that position by using html code for images. e.g: <img src="PICTURE LINK"> Note: This might not be possible with newer pages. IMVU seem to ... details

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